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How did you do that? You arent even wobbling.”
Ten minutes later it was signed, witnessed and sealed, with Marshall as the executor and Angelo the second witness, it was perfectly legal as neither were beneficiaries. As an added security measure, Angelo had recorded everything including Morts statement declaring his freely held desire to make whatever charity Marshall decided, the beneficiary of his estate.
Mort looked confused. Neither am I.
buy cake online Exactly. There are a couple of blokes who regularly come and spend a night in my spare bedroom when they cant stand their wives any more, or feel theyre in danger from them. Sort of a safe house. Its always females in the News demanding protection from their husbands, but in my experience its just as often the other way round.
Im Leo, and this is Fystie.
Fatboy turned and shambled towards the sea; face crunched in fury. Im not frightened of a scrawny little cunt like you.